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Unit 9 Paper Study (ii)

Weaving and Stitching.

marked and painted papers woven together.

My woven wall.

After completing the woven sample, which is about A4 in size, my next task was to choose an area to transfer to canvas. Sounds easy doesn’t it!

I also wanted to add small samples of the papers I had produced and keep a record of what I used on them, in my sketch book. To do this I roughly tore  2 small pieces as samples and showed the front and back of the paper as a few had interesting marks and colours on both sides. These little samples proved very useful later on.

Returning to the woven sample, I cut out a viewfinder from A5 paper and took some photographs of different, isolated parts of the weaving. The hope was this would help me to find a suitable area. The trouble is all the areas have pro’s and con’s, e.g. colours and shapes I like, with a bit of one or two that I am not so keen on! Oh well you can’t have it all ways as my granny used to say!

Woven Extracts

    Paper weaving

Paper weaving. Purple and orange.  

  paper weaving sample

It did occur to me to do another weaving as I did enjoy this task  and the first one was (although very satisfactory) not perfect, however I decided it would be better use of my time to explore how I could interpret the patterns on the papers into stitch before making my final selection. This was where my small paper samples came in useful as I could focus on them to help me decide on stitching to be used. If only I had thought of this earlier I could have had the stitching samples nicely displayed alongside the paper!

Paper and Stitched Samples




Coming next…(eventually!)


As yet I have not started my resolved piece but I am thinking about combining part of the top centre sample and the middle, right sample (see Woven Extracts) which already overlap in their content. This would mean I would not have a single large red  area at the bottom which dominates the picture and overpowers the rest of the colours. I like the diagonal image more than the horizontal and vertical images so I am planning to give my finished piece a diagonal aspect.


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