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DS3. Module 2. Ch 1. The beginning.

A Short Introduction.

I am continuing my studies with Distant Stitch and am very excited about module 2. This module studys tonal values through the theme of animal markings. It was very hard to choose an animal as I am interested in the markings on big cats, elephants and birds. Each of these except for elephants have to be narrowed down again as all species have its own unique set of marks. I did think about looking at panthers but you have to get up really close to see their marks as they are very dark but their colouring and marks are beautiful. However they are a bit on the scary side and although Edinburgh zoo has one I don’t see it posing for me very often!

Panther at Edin. Zoo

Smaller and less dangerous species of bird are more appealing so I have opted for owls. Although there are some beautiful images of owls out there, the ¬†downloadable images don’t have a very high-resolution and it is difficult to see enough detail to be useful. Any helpful suggestions to get around this wee problem would be useful.

Chapter 1 The Study of Tone.

I have started this new module at last! I have used a variety of materials and marks to create columns showing changing tonal values.



When I was looking for images of owls in magazines I came across these images which I thought were delightful!

The mouse is very cute and if they had more interesting markings I could have gone for them!  The sheep are interesting too because these lambs are born black and go through different shades of grey as they mature.


Charcoal and ink marks

On the left hand side (lhs) I used charcoal and blended it so that it got lighter towards the bottom.


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