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DS.2, Ch. 8. Not What it Seams!

Not what it seams? Not seams, trims!


I started this chapter by skipping the seams part as I felt really lacking in inspiration or imagination.

However working through the trimmings etc helped me over this hump and it seems I can seam seams after all!


Each photograph shows a variety of samples which are each numbered according to the order in which they have been made. (I hope you can see the numbers well enough, I ran out of black pens, which seems incredible as I have a bit of an obsession for pens and mechanical pencils!  A bit like shoes, I am always on the look out for the perfect fit!).

Lot no. 1 – 5.

Trims 1



1. I layered strips of fabric using straight stitch  horizontally, spaced about 1cm apart and leaving tails of thread at the end.  There are many possibilities  for variations of this simple sample e.g. adding more strips of white stitching, adding alternate coloured threads, using different kinds of thread or using wavy lines are a few that spring to mind.

2. Here I changed the bobbin to one filled with embroidery thread and using zigzag stitching both types of thread can be seen on the bottom edge.

3. Similar to 2., except the bobbin thread is on the front of the sample. The strands from the start of each line of stitching have been folded down and sewn over to hold in place.  As an extension to this I could also have separated the strands of embroidery thread.

It does say in the notes to make ‘interesting’ samples. As my creative juices brewed with the help of the above samples (which are okay but not bursting with imagination!), I had one of those ‘aha’ moments and made the following two samples.

4. I layered lots of threads between pieces of bondaweb and ironed them together. I then pulled away at the treads and edges. I sewed a layer of this over the front of black cotton and another layer behind which hangs below the cotton.

5. I sewed the bondaweb sample over black cotton topped this with a strip of white cotton and sewed over everything using a free-motion foot and black quilting thread.


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