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Unit 6: One stitch in a variety of threads.

A variety of threads for using with one stitch.


It has been a while since I posted anything but I have completed 2 units in this time. Both units entail working on canvas and I had enough canvas on the frame to complete more than one unit so, as I have to sew the canvas onto the frame I thought I would save myself  some time.

What type  of frame is best I wonder? When I bought this one it was the only one on offer in my local craft shop but I have read about others on -line which get mixed reviews so I am looking for recommendations!

Log book v sketch book.

It doesn’t do to leave things for too long or you forget the nitty-gritty of what you were doing. You might think this would be the case for unit 6 given the time it has taken me to get here but you would be wrong! (Smug smile on my face!). I keep a log book, separate from my sketch book. Some people get a bit confused with sketch books and log books. It is simple really, it is more like a diary than a sketch book although you can of course keep sketches in it too although I use it more as an ‘after the event’ rather than planning for the event type  book which is more what a sketch book tends to be.  Any research or interesting facts and to do lists go in here too. This works for me but may not be how everyone works. Any other methods out there?

Ok enough of rambling on, and get down to the nitty gritty…..where is the log book?

Getting Started.

This exercise required the use of only one stitch but in a variety of yarns. As you can see from the photograph above I was able to find a nice collection of materials to use in a variety of purple hues including embroidery cotton and silk threads, ribbons, crewel and tapestry wool as well as 4 ply and double knitting wool.

When I was learning a variety of stitches in unit 5 I marked the stitches I enjoyed and found interesting with *. I listed these stitches and selected my favourite from this list. I was very pleased with my cleverness here as I suffer from indecision  and felt if I had to choose from tons of stitches I would still be sitting in a state of indecision. Some things are harder than selecting that night out’s outfit! (more…)

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