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Dist. St.3. Module 1. Ch.4 Cut and Fold Designs.

Symmetrical Shapes from Cut Paper Squares

symmetrical shapes using black paper. symmetrical shapes using black paper.

In this chapter I have used squared paper to illustrate the folds visually but I will also try to explain them verbally too. Some examples also have the negative shapes included.I used a quarter of a 6 pointed star as the design motif for this chapter.


1 negative

1. The first fold and cut I did resulted in a 6 point star which is what the unit I used throughout this exercise came from. I placed the long edge of the shape along the folded edge and cut away the excess not really thinking about what was about to happen  so it was a nice surprise!

2. This time I wondered what would result by placing the shape edge on the outer side rather than the fold of the black paper. It resembles a bow tie and the negative is quite interesting too. It is amazing how dramatically different shapes can be achieved, by one small shape and movement.

3. I  halved the square on the horizontal line and then on the vertical. I then folded this square diagonally. Quite elaborate folding for a very plain result!


4. A simple cut.

4. Where the design shape is placed has a great influence on the end result as well as the sort of folds which have been made. Some of the results I achieved were surprising and delightful like the next example.Keeping it simple this time I folded the paper in half vertically twice. I placed the long edge on the opposite side from the fold, the shortest side of the shape along the shortest edge of the paper. A very different result again from quite simple folding.


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