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DS3 Mod. 1. Ch11(i) Resolved Sample – Growth and Disintegration

First Thoughts

Warming up to a resolved sample I enjoyed experimenting with paper and finding different ways to disintegrate  the surfaces.


I found the crumpled pieces more interesting than the smooth ones. Some techniques worked better than others  and some ideas came to me by accident, e.g. tearing apart glued surfaces which had stuck together  and grating cheese for a sandwich lead to wondering if paper would grate too!

I used double sheets of paper for this little experiment as I thought the paper might fall apart too much. I already had a small sample of stitched paper (c and j above) so I wanted to take this (s) a bit further. I threaded the machine and pulled the thread out. This pulled ridges in the paper and tore it in places. For (t) I found dampening the paper first made the paper disintegrate easily when it was rubbed. This time I left the stitching in too.

Second Thoughts.

Moving on to bigger and better shapes I used  a simple asymmetrical star shape developed in earlier chapters.


A second shape had developed as a result of playing with the above  star. I also disintegrated this shape over 4 samples as above.


I could have taken this further by tearing each section more but really it was time to move on to my third thoughts.

I then moved on to using coloured paper. I had some small pieces left over from the early chapters of module one which was really handy!


Third Thoughts

I have now progressed to disintegrating fabric shapes.

I used calico, scrim and cotton for the initial stages of this.


it was not easy manipulating the fabric into recognisable shapes whilst shredding them. I sometimes ended up with a heap of fibres with no shape at all. I thought this was taking disintegration a bit far! The last shapes (bottom right) were made from a combination of scrim and a cotton background, not the most successful combination for the purpose but I was able to experiment with my ideas better!



Unit 9: Paper Study (i)

Paper, paints and crayons.

Pastels and Paints at the ready.

Unit 9 is a design exercise using paper instead of canvas and paints and crayons instead of threads and yarns. I used oil pastels and watercolour paints on various papers from photocopy paper to handmade wrapping paper and textured mulberry papers af varying weights. I also had nice tissue paper but it was too thin to hold the mediums I was working with. It did come in handy for blotting paint though!

printing, mulberry, wrapping, tissue papers.

The papers felt and looked great before painting!

I looked carefully at my earlier colour studies (units 3) and based my colours around a combination of the watercolour study and the oil pastel study where the colours are bright and the marks more prominent. I had a good selection of mulberry papers which I thought would be great for this project. There are lots of fibres showing through and there was a bit of variety in the colour, thickness and fibres. They were really good to work with although the thinner one was very delicate when it was wet.

Oil pastel marks on white mulberry paper.

White Mulberry paper with oil pastel marks.

Once the paper dried it was easy to work with. I continued marking and painting in a variety of colours, mixing colours as and when I needed to. It was great experimenting with the paints as well as the oils. I got quite carried away!


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