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D.S 3, Mod.1. The Resolved Sample.


The End!

I have finished module 1. I should be delighted but actually I feel a bit sad! I will miss my little stars!

Anyway sentiments over, I will get on with the important details of my final journey on module 1.

I had a few ideas floating about in my head  for what I might do for this final piece. I also made a list of the techniques I thought might work to show disintegration and growth and what I found was that many of them fitted in both categories.  Naturally Applique had to be a major part of the final design and I had enjoyed the ripple technique and melting using the soldering iron.

I used the motif which  developed  throughout this module and started when I was looking at asymmetrical shapes in chapter 4. It can be seen in the top right of the image bellow.

Black and white asymmetrical designs.

Black and white asymmetrical designs.

This was then used in several designs in following chapters including chapter 8 where padding was added to appliqued , stitched designs.

Applique using padding.

Applique using padding.


I made lots of copies of the above image in different sizes so that I could experiment with a variety of layouts.

IMG_4789 IMG_4784 IMG_4783

1.                                                2.                                3.

IMG_4781 - Version 2 IMG_4781 IMG_4778

4.                               5.                               6.

IMG_4773 IMG_4770 IMG_4768

7.                                               8.                                     9.

The permutations were just about endless so I had to put a stop to my madness! It was fun experimenting though! 2. above really appealed to me although it was nothing like my original plan which was more like number 4 or 5 (same images rotated).

I began by making a support material for the background out of bondaweb and snippets I had collected all through this module. I also wanted to make cords from threads I had gathered over time too.



I used the cord to create a grid for the stars which were still to come. This idea came from the yellow machine stitched lines on A. above.




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