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Mod. 1 Ch 11(ii)nResolved Sample Growth and disintegration.

Chapter 11 continued.

Fourth thoughts

I am now looking at using coloured fabric to continue with this chapter.


TOP: I started with the simpler shape and used my sewing machine to zig-zag stitch around the edges, gradually moving in to the centre.

BOTTOM: I basically did the same with the bottom sample but I used a looping machine stitch and covered more of the sample towards the end.





A and B used the same basic asymmetrical shape But I cut them up differently. A being less disintegrated than B. I thought the zig-zag machine stitching was very effective in giving them a fractured look. It was not the normal single long stitches used in zig-zags but a series of smaller ones. For A I concentrated on adding the stitching to the outside inwards. For B I worked from the central area to the outer edges.

I wanted to play around some more with my favourite motif so produced the next three pieces of work.


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