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Dist. St.3. Module 1. Ch.4 Cut and Fold Designs.

Symmetrical Shapes from Cut Paper Squares

symmetrical shapes using black paper. symmetrical shapes using black paper.

In this chapter I have used squared paper to illustrate the folds visually but I will also try to explain them verbally too. Some examples also have the negative shapes included.I used a quarter of a 6 pointed star as the design motif for this chapter.


1 negative

1. The first fold and cut I did resulted in a 6 point star which is what the unit I used throughout this exercise came from. I placed the long edge of the shape along the folded edge and cut away the excess not really thinking about what was about to happen  so it was a nice surprise!

2. This time I wondered what would result by placing the shape edge on the outer side rather than the fold of the black paper. It resembles a bow tie and the negative is quite interesting too. It is amazing how dramatically different shapes can be achieved, by one small shape and movement.

3. I  halved the square on the horizontal line and then on the vertical. I then folded this square diagonally. Quite elaborate folding for a very plain result!


4. A simple cut.

4. Where the design shape is placed has a great influence on the end result as well as the sort of folds which have been made. Some of the results I achieved were surprising and delightful like the next example.Keeping it simple this time I folded the paper in half vertically twice. I placed the long edge on the opposite side from the fold, the shortest side of the shape along the shortest edge of the paper. A very different result again from quite simple folding.



Distant Stitch 3, module 1. Chapter 2.

(A )Making Coloured Papers.

In chapter one I was asked to research star shapes. In this chapter I had to think more about colour and choose a colour scheme to work with.

I felt I had not really done as much sketching as I should have so I took this opportunity to draw plants and think about their colours at the same time.

.Coloured sketches of flowers.Coloured sketches of flowers

I did not have coloured inks to hand so I played around with mixing pastels with water. This gave strong colours and covered the paper well although on some papers it was a bit grainy when it dried .  I sprayed the papers with fixative to set the pastel.

I used a selection of papers including newspaper, brown wrapping paper, cartridge paper*, some of which had ink drawings on it already, photocopy paper (recycled), sugar paper and blue **and white tissue paper.

The blue tissue paper was a better quality than the white which almost disintegrated  when the water was added but I was able to save pieces.

*I covered the cartridge paper with a mixture of yellow/orange colour. As I did this the ink which I had used in a previous drawing reacted with the water and flowed naturally over the paper. It was  a lovely surprise! Unfortunately I do not know what or where the ink I used was to repeat this. While the ink was still wet I mopped it up with other papers adding to my collection of mixed papers.

** The blue tissue paper could be used without adding colour but I did add some to a sheet. The colour had an interesting effect on the front and back of the tissue paper.

I used brushes, burnishing and sponging to create textural marks on the papers.

blue to purplepurple to indigo

yellow, orange and gold mixed with purples and bluesA variety of coloured sun shaped stars golden and orange.

The above are  samples of the papers I dyed. Putting these samples together was great fun and I enjoyed creating the star designs with them.

As well as creating colours within the same families, yellows-oranges and blues to purples I layered these too. This can be seen in the lower left examples shown above.


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