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Unit 8. Colour Stitchery.

What a nice way to spend a Sunday!
stitching using cotton and wool

Just for fun!

I have been looking forward to doing this unit for ages but it took me an eternity to get started once I finally reached it!

This  is an exploration of using threads etc to create a wider variety of colours with what you have available. The trouble was I had so much available I got stitcher’s block! My brain could not find a starting place. Every time I looked at the lovely colours on my wall paintings I could find those lovely colours in my sewing stash too. My brain was unravelling at the thought of having to create what I already had!!

I had to think of a strategy to deal with this dilemma head on. (No pun intended!) I gathered up all the colours I had which were suitable for my wall and hid them from sight! This left totally unsuitable colours! The best ones won… out they came to be drooled over as I pined to use them!

I placed them in rows, heaps, piles, and stacks. I shifted them from one place to another, into and out of boxes, trays and bags.  I mixed bundles of cotton threads with wools, I shifted them from side to side, patted, squashed, stroked and fiddled with them but I couldn’t start doing anything with them. (more…)

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