My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.


These are my tonal columns  using 4 different papers. I have occasionally shown the same image vertically and horizontally (marked as a, and b.), because I am fascinated by the difference to the eye and imagination this makes. Also some designs naturally lend themselves better to one format or the other and others conform well to both.

1. a, b.

IMG_5745 IMG_5746

Here I have used the same papers but arranged them in a different way.

2. a, b.

IMG_5742 IMG_5743

This shows the Fibonacci series using one plain and one patterned paper.



I used different paper to continue the development of this sequence for the next sample shown. This shows the sequence with alternate strips flipped.

4. a,b.

Version 2   IMG_5737

I am now using 5 strips in tonal order in the following images. I really like the fractured effect.

5 a, b.

IMG_5734 IMG_5736

Finally I have developed these same 5 papers into a patchwork block.



The following images show the final design exercise using the Fibonacci sequence,where a starting block is cut at 45 o angles.

This is the block I started with…



… and made these designs!

7,                                    8,

IMG_5749 IMG_5751

(Something fishy going on with no. 8!)

9,                                 10.

IMG_5753 IMG_5755

Then I started with this…



…and made this.

11 a, b.

IMG_5762 IMG_5764

Now to move on and do something with the Golden section.




Comments on: "Ds 3. Mod. 2. Ch 9 Fibonnacci sequence and Golden Section." (4)

  1. These look great, Elaine. I love the way your monoprinted papers work in this series, and the fragmented designs are intriguing. Just one thing, though – when I click on some of the images, they aren’t opening as larger views in a separate window (?)

    • HI Judith, thanks for pointing out the problem with the photographs here, it does this a lot and I am not sure why, normally I check but I was in a rush to get this finished and forgot to look, I will get on to is soon! I’ve been on holiday hence the late response.

  2. These are really lovely samples Elaine. I love the intricacy of the Fibonacci sequence, and your work here is a lovely indication of the beauty working with such mathematical sequences can produce. Looking forward to playing with the sequence myself!
    On a personal note, I’ve been missing in action as my mother died 3 weeks ago and then my mother-in-law died the following week. We are still reeling from the shock. Stitching helps a little.

    • It’s so kind of you to comment on my work Edith especially at the difficult time for you. I have lost both parents and a close friend in the last few years. Words can’t express how difficult I found it all to cope with and I am sure this sentiment will mean nothing to you at the moment but just give yourself as much time as you need to grieve and heal taking each day as it comes. Eventually you will adapt to your loss, and be able to continue in a more normal frame of mind, but I do understand how difficult it is. My heartfelt sympathies to you and your family.

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