My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.

Traditional Piecing Methods.

The first method used in this chapter is the ‘Log Cabin ‘ method. Traditionally cloth was sewn around a square, usually but not always, in the centre.

I made a few of the samples shown on page 30 of the course notes. After many attempts at sample 7 (sample 8 in the unit notes) and much cutting and sticking I gave up on making a sample until I did a bit of research on how to do it! Eventually I came up with something. It is one of those things I can do without thinking about it but when I had to do it logically I couldn’t.

I have pinned a few samples of this one onto my Pinterest board ‘Things I’d like to make’ for future reference.

I went on to make the samples up in cloth. I am displaying the matching work together.


IMG_0119 IMG_0129


IMG_0124  IMG_0133


IMG_0114  IMG_0137


IMG_0114  IMG_0139


IMG_0110  IMG_0142


IMG_0107  IMG_0143


IMG_0105  IMG_0146


IMG_0102  IMG_0148


I made a mistake on this fabric sample (although it could be an alternative take on the original plan). I’m not telling where it is though, perhaps you can spot it!

I enjoyed this ‘log cabin experience’ which has extended my knowledge of quilting techniques. Up until now I had only ever attempted a very basic block which I am currently turning into a quilt!



Comments on: "DS3, Mod. 2, Chapter 7. Piecing Methods." (1)

  1. Wow! these are fabulous! I love the sense of entering through a portal into a liminal space in sample 6 – it reminds me of photographs I’ve seen of the entrance into – I’m not sure – West Kennet Long Barrow springs to mind. Anyway, it’s gorgeous, and so is 7 – very elegant and sophistocated. All wonderful!

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