My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.

Summer School 2014

I can’t believe it is a year since my last adventure to the Distant Stitch summer school!

It was a great few days working with Alison King and meeting Rose Campbell, two wonderful and talented tutors and textile artists. It was also great to see Sian again. I must admit I have had a difficult time with life events and my work had slumped to an all time low but I am so glad I went to the summer school because it has really lifted my spirits and I am feeling much more inspired again so thank you ladies for your encouragement and support.

I didn’t have any funny or chaotic events on the journey this time, I followed Tomtom’s instructions  to the letter (most of the time!) and didn’t get lost once although I did make the return journey longer than it should have been!

The weather held up most of the time we were on the course and the little rain we had been having was welcome and refreshing. The food was great and plentiful as long as you were not last into the dining room and wanting the popular puddings!  The accommodation was very nice but I think I might ask for an upgrade next year as I like lots of space!

Enough ramblings, here are some photographs of my class at work.

IMG_5079 busy stitching IMG_5086 IMG_5087 IMG_5088 IMG_5089 IMG_5075


We all started out using the same design principles but the variety of ideas and work that emerged was fascinating to me. These are a few pics of my own development ideas.

Cloth samples to start design

We had to select 4 to 5 samples of cloth which had a variety of marks and shapes on them. We then had strict instructions on how to place them…so that they had a visible edge where each sample met.


The next part of this was to draw the shapes and patterns. I am not sure of the order we dd this in any more! I think we did an exact line drawing then one using a variety of media.


This was followed by a painting exercise where we had to mix the acrylic paints to get as correct a colour to the original as possible. At this point I was having a chat with Sian about my distant stitch work so I had to work quickly to catch up but I also had some idea of how I was going to develop this work incorporating the ideas we shared from our chat.



I redrew the design but this time I ‘wove’ some of the leaf shapes and other features into each other while still trying to maintain some of the edges in the original drawing. I was trying to develop the theme of camouflage in the picture.


IMG_5107Lastly we had to display our work to each other and for the other group too.  I had hoped to get so much more done!


The sewing machine was put in a corner and given a good talking to about it’s behaviour! It did look like it was sorry for not being good. It turned out it had a screw loose! I felt bad for being grumpy as I could have fixed it myself if I had been a better owner and saved myself £30.00!

Next year I will follow Tomtom (almost to the letter!) and be kinder to Janome! (as well as having module 2 finished!)




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