My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.

Chapter 11 continued.

Fourth thoughts

I am now looking at using coloured fabric to continue with this chapter.


TOP: I started with the simpler shape and used my sewing machine to zig-zag stitch around the edges, gradually moving in to the centre.

BOTTOM: I basically did the same with the bottom sample but I used a looping machine stitch and covered more of the sample towards the end.





A and B used the same basic asymmetrical shape But I cut them up differently. A being less disintegrated than B. I thought the zig-zag machine stitching was very effective in giving them a fractured look. It was not the normal single long stitches used in zig-zags but a series of smaller ones. For A I concentrated on adding the stitching to the outside inwards. For B I worked from the central area to the outer edges.

I wanted to play around some more with my favourite motif so produced the next three pieces of work.



I used felt in between polyester and cotton. I sewed the motif onto each layer and not through all layers at once. I don’t know why I did this, I think my mind was elsewhere at this point. When I stitched around the top layer I missed part of the shape out by accident. I thought this looked interesting because it changed the overall look of the sample. I should have left it but didn’t! I cut away at the layers until some were removed completely, even the support material.



In this sample (D) I used two polyester samples which I had varying success with in my experiments with a soldering iron. Starting at the left hand side I made a few marks and gradually removed more and more of the top layer until I was again removing all layers.



Here I layered organza between cottons. I have cut away, sewn into cuts and snipped and torn away edges here. Great fun but a bit haphazard for me!





I cut away the centre and used machine stitch around the yellow cotton to show disintegration here, I also did some more intensive sewing in one place. YOu can probably spot where  and spot the “odd one out’ in the photograph line up!

Once I did this I thought about showing growth too. The centre has been decorated with hand stitched stars, some using 3 strands of cotton others just one stitch with one strand of cotton. I could continue this stitching onto the appliqued shape.

So far it has been a voyage of discovery and like all the chapters I could have done more or done some things differently, but it is exciting because everything is leading up to the end result… no pressure now!

It is time to leave the stitching and return to paper shapes for chapter 12.


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