My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.

This is my way of showing the development of my work over the past few months.

Chapter 1 was about finding inspiration for my star theme.

Distant stitch certi0003Star shaped tulip.

Star shaped flower headSnowflake ornamentStarfish

plate, sun, rubbing and sketch

Flowers, snowflakes, sea-stars represent only a small number of star images and shapes that captured my attention and imagination.

Colour wheel with innner starColoured sketches of flowers

Colour in nature played a significant part in the choice of colours for my work.

Chapter 2 was about starting the design process based on shapes from ch 1.

yellow, orange and gold mixed with purples and bluesA variety of coloured sun shaped stars golden and to purplepurple to indigo

I painted a variety of papers with indigo,gold, yellow and purple.

scissors, craft knife, star punch and stamps.1/2 six point star prints on blue and purple papers.Stamped sun shapes on gold, orange, blue and purple.

Making a stamp followed. I used half a 6 point star and a half sun shape.

Star shapes inspired by nature and the man-made world using coloured paper.

I loved the bright contrasting colours I used to make a variety of cut out star shapes.

Chapter 3   was an opportunity to develop star shapes further by cutting papers and manipulating them in a variety of ways to make new designs.


Some interesting shapes emerging from negative spaces and using distorted shapes.

Design sheet BMore complex patterns and shapes from original designs.


Chapter 4  was about folding and cutting from an inspirational shape. I preferred the results from asymmetrical shapes.

Asymmetrical cut and fold shapes. 2.

Cutting and layering papers followed to create more interesting and inspirational designs.

page 1 page 3 page 2

Chapter 5  used fabrics. Selecting and printing on them… fun!

decorating fabricIMG_4385

orange and yellow printed fabrics purple printed fabrics

Chapter 6  showed me how to use bonding in applique.

bonded design 1. distant stitch 30005 distant stitch 30007 bonded design 3

Chapter 7 translated the layered designs into embroidery. The black and white paper designs influenced a lot of this work.

distant stitch 30013 ...gone!distant stitch 30012

Chapter 8 introduced combinations of stitching and bonding as well as using padding to indicate shapes.

close up



Chapter 9 introduced the traditional method of applique used by the Cuna Indians and contemporary applique.

close-up of reverse appliqué large sample. Reverse Applique small sample. Stitched outer shape 1st then cut inside line. Stitched inside shape then cut outside line.

Close-up of the centre.Making images ripple!

Close-up of outer sections.Rippled design

Rippling applique created by layering strips of colour.

Chapter 10 allowed slashing of material to make chenille applique.

IMG_4561 IMG_4554IMG_4558

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