My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.

Selecting fabrics.

For this section of chapter 5 I needed to gather a variety of fabrics to use in future designs and decorate before use.

1.I had quite a good  choice of fabrics readily available in suitable shades of purple and blue and a more limited choice in yellows, gold and orange.. The fabric varied from silk, cotton and linen.


I must admit that I am not up on types of fabric especially the more delicate transparent kind but I think the finer materials were organza which I have in purples and gold. I also had samples of material used for lining curtains and clothing which I think are probably polyester although again there is a variety in how they look so I am not sure if they can all be called polyester. These are  purple, yellow and gold. I also have some felt in all colours although the orange can only be described as garish!

2.I bought some  100cm x 20cm samples of yellow, gold and orange  cotton to boost my supplies. I could have bought more but I am on a budget so I had to be good!

Decorating Fabrics.

I used acrylic paints on the materials to decorate them using the stamp I had made in an earlier chapter. I had sent away for a fabric medium from Jackson’s art supplies who were selling it at half the usual price however I was desperate to get on so did not wait for it to arrive! It will be handy for the next time I do something like this.

My first task was to experiment with decorating the blue felt with orange acrylic. I thought if this did not go well it was no great loss as I have lots of this available. I used cadmium yellow and crimson to make orange. The paint was very thick so I watered it down. It was really too thin then and did not show up well on the fabric when it dried (image 3). It looked washed out and very pale against the darker background so I had to thicken it up and carefully print over some pieces trying hard to avoid ghosting.(image 4)

decorating fabric

I used a pad of papers wrapped around thick card covered in a plastic coated cloth to give an easily cleaned working area.
1st print

3.The first print did not show up well once it was dried.

2nd print

4. Using thickened paint the 2nd print showed up much better.

As I progressed with the printing the stamp fell apart which was unfortunate but after a time fiddling about with it, I managed to stick it back together although it was not in the same position as before. I tried to vary the marks I was making on different colours of materials and on different types of materials.

Image 5 bellow, shows a selection of blue fabrics stamped with orange paint.

I added more and more yellow to this mix and printed this paint on to purple fabrics. I can only describe the results as yummy! (image 6)

Mixing the purple I used crimson and blue but as the blues I have are not the best colours to use for making purple (they have green undertones) I added a ready-made  purple too, which looked ok at the time but looking at the samples now the purple looks very dark.. Mixing indigo was more difficult to do. I looked back at my paper printing to see if this would help but of course I used a different medium there. Still it might have been useful tot note down what I did. I have made a mental note to myself to be more thorough in noting down small but important details.Eventually after adding paynes gray into a mix of phalto and cobalt blue, orange and crimson it looked useable so I completed my samples of painted fabrics.

(image 7.) printed fabrics.6.

purple printed fabrics
orange and yellow printed fabrics


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