My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.

sketch of wall in pencil with notes on colours

A quick sketch of my wall and notes on colours.

I was looking forward to this after all that black and white. I do like working with black and white etc but I love using colour.

At first when you look at something especially on a dull day it is hard to see anything bright but if you keep looking and keep an open mind you might see a surprising array of colours.

I am beginning to like my wall!. I could see lots of lovely colours and the weather was brightening up too! A wee bonus just in time!

I started off doing a quick sketch using pencil and noting down the colours I was seeing and where they were seen. I then followed this with  a coloured drawing using wax crayon.

coloured sketch of wall using wax crayon

Not the best wax crayon picture I have ever done!

  I should have spent more than £1.00 on these crayons as they were rubbish to use! Now in the bin, I will replace them one day! (Maybe!).  I should not have used the black either as it overpowers everything else. I was not keen on this image at all.

Not a huge problem though! I went on to do a watercolour study next. You can get lovely colours and nice effects with these paints if you know what you are doing. Clearly I don’t but I liked using them anyway.

A colour study of the wall done in watercolours

Lovely watercolour study of my wall.

There was a really good variety of colours to be seen. After the watercolour work I added spots of white using white gouache which is less opaque than watercolour, to represent some of the spots of what looks like the beginnings of barnacles and other life forms!

I quite like this picture but I felt I could add something with oil pastels which are also great to use if you know what you are doing. I have used them a bit more than water-colours so I do know how to use them confidently. I should have done the sketch on proper oil pastel paper but the sketch pad paper worked okay anyway.

oil pastel colour drawing of a wall

Slightly abstract and very colourful oil pastel wall.

  The oil pastel is good at making marks which other media just can’t do! I think using this media I was able to capture the texture of the surfaces better and show some of the variety of marks on the stones too. This is my favourite colour image.

I hope the work I have done so far is enough to guide me in the next sections of this course.

Coming soon…Shape Observations.


Comments on: "Unit 3: Make a colour study of your wall." (2)

  1. hello Lainey, I have had a good browse through your blog; i love the wall, and the work you are doing from it; like you I love colour and the water colour and oil pastel renderings are gorgeous…..cheers, glen

  2. Hi, thanks for your kind comments, it is great to be able to share work with like minded people. I hope you visit again!

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