My embroidery and creative stitching experiences.

I was quite surprised at the results of this exercise. The rubbings did not look anything like the images I had expected!  I thought grooves and indentations would have been much more in evidence. However the results made me think about how I was doing this so I tried varying pressure, direction and materials used.

Examples of rubbings.

  rubbing of stone wall in wax             wall rubbing using wax

Rubbings using black wax crayon on quite thick handmade paper. The second one moved slightly as I was rubbing. I have changed my mind about those two after looking more carefully at them, I don’t think I would use them which I hinted at in my notes. Perhaps the results would have been better on thinner paper and in less wind!

white wax rubbed over black paper on wall

    white wax rubbed over black paper on stone wall

Rubbings on image 3 and 4 are more successful. The paper was of a more suitable quality and I was beginning to think about the effects using the crayon from left to right and top to bottom would have.

soft pastel rubbing of stone wall on black paperI like using soft pastel, I think it is a lovely medium but it’s softness did influence the marks made and are probably not as true a representation of the wall surface as is necessary.4b pencil rubbings of stone surface on white paper.  Using an even lighter paper and a pencil I had expected better results. The wind was blowing and the marks were becoming scratchy as I tried to control the flapping paper! However I don’t know that it would be greatly better if the wind wasn’t there! I pressed harder and stayed cool doing the second rubbing which turned out a bit better.

rubbings using pencil and care pastel over stone wall

I wanted to try out the care pastel which is harder than soft pastel to see if the results would be more pleasing. I know, it’s not black but I think it works anyway! I quite like this image too. The top pencil image is not one of my favourites. Don’t rub diagonally would be my advice!

 rubbing using black care pastel on thin paper.This was the last rubbing I did using black carre pastel. I had to go home and get the black pastel. I am such a stickler for rules and can’t be a rebel for very long! I am glad I did though because I think this was the best image. Lots of variety in the shapes and sizes of marks, tonal variations too.



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